What’s wrong with General Motors?

It seems that #GeneralMotors has deteriorated and is in trouble yet again with: GM posted a decline in net income of 141% in 2018. GM registered a $4 billion net loss in 2017. GM recently announced the closure of 6 manufacturing plants. Meanwhile, Toyota actually increased net income almost 40% in 2018, and earned a net income of $17 billion in 2017. Why is #Toyota thriving?  While #GM struggles? ŸDoes corporate staff dominate decision making? To... Read More

Was GE correct in replacing its CEO?

A nagging thought kept running through my mind when I read #GeneralElectric had replaced Mr. John Flannery as Chief Executive Officer after just 14 months on the job: Was he given enough time to fix this huge severely distressed $120 billion company? My answer is no… It would take at least 3 years to fix a company with the complexity and size of General Electric. It is extremely difficult to even save a smaller company with sales under $300... Read More

China’s Debt Crisis

#China may be forced to continue to increase its debt position. Their cash flow future looks grim. China’s debt is largely held by corporations. The problem is a fair number of their small and large companies are poorly managed. Their inefficient equipment and systems results in high-cost, money-losing operating companies. This results in deficit cash flows which severely limits the capital available for the repayment of debt. China is reportedly... Read More



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Develop strategic and operating plans - including Court required plans of reorganization

Acquisition advice and negotiations

Serve as Member Board of Directors

Testify in Federal and State Court


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