2nd Best Company to Work For

Fortune Magazine’s 2017 “100 Best Companies to Work For” rated Wegmans Food Markets as the second best company to work for. As Inc. Magazine’s article reports, Wegmans does not pay the highest wages compared to many of the other companies on Fortune’s list. However, it does have some attractive perks for tuition reimbursement and health care insurance but, in comparison to others on the best to work for list, it falls well short. Why the... Read More

EBITDA. Is it misleading?

In the majority of distressed companies I’ve worked on, the two most important measures of financial performance are not reviewed – Operating Income (EBIT) and Free Cash Flow. Instead EBITDA, Gross Profit and Net Income are the only profit measures included on the Income Statements. Operating Income is a superior measure of an operating company’s income producing results. It includes all the costs and expenses management controls – including... Read More



Chief Executive Officer

Executive Chairman

Turnarounds & Operational Restructurings

Adviser to creditors, board of directors or owners

Pre-acquisition & troubled company due diligence evaluations

Develop strategic and operating plans - including Court required plans of reorganization

Acquisition advice and negotiations

Serve as Member Board of Directors

Testify in Federal and State Court


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