What Leads to Business Failure?

Donald Keough’s book “The Ten Commandments for Business Failure”is an interesting, creditable book useful to Chief Executive Officers with a company culture that needs improvement. Donald Keough is the former President of The Coca-Cola Company.

The book is a short, easy read that covers all the elements of a positive culture. Some of it is self-evident. But if officers, second and third tier managers all read it, it would contribute to a re-focused culture. It would put everyone on the same page.

Commandments that lead to Business Failure:

One: Quit Taking Risks

Two: Be Inflexible

Three: Isolate Yourself

Four: Assume Infallibility

Five: Play the Game Close to the Foul Line. (i.e., a culture of self-dealing and corruption.)

Six: Don’t Take time to Think

Seven: Put All Your Faith in Experts and Outside Consultants

Eight: Love Your Bureaucracy

Nine: Send Mixed Messages

Ten: Be Afraid of the Future

Eleven*: Lose Your Passion for Work – for Life

(*The title of the book is “Ten Commandments…”. Mr. Keough has included an Eleventh as “a little added bonus”.)


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